May 06, 2014

Valcucine for Eataly

“Eataly has chosen Valcucine because we share the same values. Valcucine is the only company in the world that produces kitchens combining the respect of human and environmental with innovation. Environmental friendliness , functionality, ergonomics, quality and artisan know-how are the values ​​at the heart of Valcucine corporate mission.”

Valcucine and Eataly, two international brands symbol of Made in Italy in the world, became a partner at the opening of Eataly in Milan.

A collaboration between Eataly and Valcucine which arises not only from the relationship with the kitchen, but especially by shared ideals . The search for beauty and for useful coexists with the desire to respect both the environment, both man .

The philosophy of Valcucine pays particular attention to environmental issues: the concept of eco-sustainability is always at the center of the project. Valcucine, works by saving raw materials in a way to promote design based on dematerialisation, recyclability and reuse of products.

On the second floor of prestigious Eataly food store there is a classroom, equipped with top of the range Valcucine kitchen with Miele appliances, available for the show cooking , lectures, seminars, private dinners and for all culinary activities organized from Eataly .

The protagonists of this collaboration are: a New Logic System, an ergonomic system of the latest generation characterized by a channel equipped with high technological content and a Artematica curve, always designed with ergonomics in the kitchen.

For more information go to: Valcucine for Eataly