June 24, 2014

MisuraEmme: Elegie

The Elegie Shelf is upright lacquered aluminium resting on a chromed metal. Complete with plates and bolts for fixing to the wall. The shelf comes in two finishes: Oak Melange, Matte Lacquer. The composition obtained by simply placing several modules next to each other. Also, the Elegie shelf is included in the Atelier Compliments Collection which means its 25% off until August 1st.

About the designer: Ignazio Gardella

From the early thirties Ignazio Gardella started expanding his travels abroad for both study and work. For example, his stay in 1931 in Germany where he ended up meeting a group of architects in Frankfurt, his trip with Architect Pagano in 1939 to Finland, his trip to Sweden and Norway where he participated in numerous congresses and discussions regarding modern architecture, he traveled to the USA for the E.C.A. in 1950, soon after in 1956 he accompanied students of the architecture school of Venice to Greece and participated in international meetings of Modern Architecture in Bergamo and Aix-en-Provence, and finally La Sarraz after the war. He began teaching in 1940 at various universities and was eventually appointed professor of the “Elements of Composition” course in 1962 at the Istituto Universitario of Architettura of Venice.