August 08, 2014

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, the Italian team Dencity Rhome for the world cup of green architecture

Italy won the world championship in energy efficiency, innovation, sustainability and beauty. Rhome for Dencity, the solar house designed and built by the Department of Architecture of Rome, furnished with a kitchen and shelving kitchen system meccanica by Demode engineered by Valcucine has beaten in the sprint Germany, Chile and the Netherlands, who had won several important awards in 10 tests provided in the Solar Decathlon, the Olympics of sustainable architecture. The competition, launched in 2002 by the Department of Energy of the United States, this year was held in Versailles from June 27 to July 12.

” That tonight’s victory is also known that produce innovation, creativity and commitment in a leading sector, ” says Chiara Tonelli , team leader of Rhome. “And it is also a result of these months of intense work, the summa the passion and perseverance of the entire team. We did not bet to win the individual tests, but above all to ensure the effective operation of the home, to make it not a dream but a real possibility Rhome not born to stay on a sheet of paper, but to constitute a real alternative that can to cope with environmental and energy challenges. It ‘a house that responds to the need to increase urban density by eliminating energy waste, ugliness, illegal, degradation and increasing social cohesion and the ability of collective responses to the crisis . “

The evidence of the Solar Decathlon have been a severe test for Rhome, housing designed for the rehabilitation of areas of abusive Tor Tax in Rome, submitting to inspections of construction and architectural quality; engineering; energy efficiency; sustainability; design and portability; communication and public awareness. Moreover, the energy balance, the conditions of comfort, the operation of the house were monitored by the judges during the entire duration of the competition. Ten tests - the Decathlon, in fact - that have shown this home designed to produce more energy than it consumes, to use the tools of passive protection from both hot and cold temperatures, to control air quality and allow both functions dwelling or business is a winning proposition in a perspective of a low-carbon society.

” The team consists of more than 40 young people, including students and graduate students, who worked for months on the project presented in Versailles, shows that this research has an important educational value , “says Dean of the University Roma Tre Mario Panizza. ” In our university we believe priority promote learning through concrete experiences to prepare students to enter the world of work. It ‘an opportunity for growth, approaches to professional responsibilities and above all, to share experiences within a group oriented towards the same goal . “

Teamwork, innovation and attention to integration and social inclusion are the strengths of the prototype Rhome, who convinced the jury for the reversibility of the space, the furniture recovered, a well-balanced system of heating and cooling and the team’s ability to manage the home with ease, adapting to the day-to-day weather conditions. The presence of Italian sponsors at the highest level, representative of the green economy more competitive, has completed the framework of the project of Roma Tre. The result is a transportable home by train, convenient and minimal. Built in certified wood with low environmental impact; 65 square meters of comfort and technology applied, with natural and artificial lighting of avant-garde, with a strong focus on indoor air quality to ensure maximum comfort and maximum health. An architecturally beautiful home, designed to bring together ecological sobriety and quality of design.

For more information go to: Demode