FIAM was born out of one man’s passion for glass

Founded by Vittorio Livi in 1973, FIAM designs, develops and produces items of furniture in curved glass, made ​​following craftsmanship and industrial processes, actually merging tradition and innovation, crafting and design. Vittorio Livi came to know and appreciate glass from a young. Of this material Livi loves the apparent contradictions - solid and fragile, natural and artificial, ancient and industrial at the same time - but also for its practical qualities. glass is eco-friendly and hygienic: it may look simple, because of its transparency, but extremely complex in terms of chemist and physicist. material of vast potential was virtually only used in the world of furniture, mainly for the production of small accessories or ornaments. In the creative mind of the young Vittorio Livi a dream began to take shape: glass would become a unique star in the world of design, creating furniture that impress with their families is their solidity and transparency; design objects that do not mark the time of their production, untouched by the passing years, spaces and fashions.